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Hikes! Stay Healthy, Stay Sane.

by Dr. Amber Hincks LAc

Before all the weirdness of the past week (writing this after school closures were just announced due to Covid-19), I was planning to share some of my favorite local hikes and outdoor destinations as Spring fast approaches.  Then it seemed everyone’s focus seemed to shift. At Vitalize, wellness of the body and spirit is still our number one priority. And when I reflect on staying well, getting outside in nature is still one of the best ways we can preserve both our physical and mental health.  Healthy lungs are those that experience exertion, deep breaths helping to circulate body fluids and nutrients along with the breath itself. The mind is left to wander and expand, to enter a state of openness and observation as the beauty of the natural world unfolds before us.  Even better, the woods, the mountain tops, the river shores, generally offer the social isolation that this moment in time calls for.

Hikes! Stay Healthy, Stay Sane., Amber Hincks Acupuncture in Beaverton, ORFire lookout towers. These are my ultimate destinations. Remote locations. Expansive views. More amenities than a tent. An opportunity to really isolate and reflect for a few days. Book an overnight through, or simply hike to one to check it out. Some, like Devil’s Peak Lookout in Rhododendron, are first come first serve.

Hager Mountain Lookout

Amber Hincks offers Acupuncture in Beaverton, OR

River walks.  Oregon has some of the most beautiful rivers, with gorgeous crystal blue waters.  And when my knees are not feeling up to the elevation of something like Dog Mountain, or I have my son along with me, these make for mellower hikes.  Old Salmon River Trail, Opal Creek, and Siouxon Creek (WA) are a couple of my favorites.  


Siouxon Creek in Washington


May we all find comfort in nature and in each other.  The Spring flowers are still budding and the Summer sun will be shining soon.